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History of AHM

All Hazards Management, LLC. (AHM) has been recognized for its expertise in the areas of technical security program development, planning, systems, and services.  The AHM client list is both substantial and impressive, with a broad range of national and international clients.  AHM has helped clients successfully take advantage of organizational and technological advancements, as well as solve emergency management problems. 

AHM brings extensive experience in emergency response planning and policy development support. We have experience in terrorism response planning, WMD CBRNE planning, emergency management, environmental management, political and cultural integration into regional synchronized planning, as well as software development and integration experience;

AHM was created in 2005 to enhance the DHS CBRNE mandated emergency preparedness and synchronization work that the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) was supporting for large urban, multi-jurisdictional UASI regions.  As part of the ANL DHS Technical Assistance Program, AHM supported development and synchronization of role and jurisdictional responses to WMD, natural disaster, employee violence, civil disobedience, and pandemic occurrences.  AHM has subsequently teamed with the UN CBRNE program and inspection organization OPCW (Organization For The Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) based in The Hague.  OPCW recognized the need for AHM assistance for improved visioning, planning, program development, project management, and training in countries on all continents. 

AHM continues to monitor and integrate DHS, European Community PASR, WHO and other international preparedness organizational recommendations into our software models to provide the most comprehensive and systematic tools to assist in our efforts.

Recent awards from DOD, strategic teaming agreements with leading corporate solution providers such as Smart and Associates, Lockheed Martin, Argonne, University of Denver, L-3 Communications, Inc., and OPCW countries, validate the need for AHM services and software.

AHM staff include industry leaders in pharmacologic response to contamination, science of CBRNE materials, live agent training, response training and synchronization, communications, security, defense, facility vulnerabilities, threat assessment, risk management, diplomacy, and organizational team building.

In the course of assisting clients, we have successfully proven our philosophy that effective risk planning is a cost-effective process that can adapt to changes, remain consistent with an organization’s strategy, and deliver benefits such as manageability, assurance, and time and cost efficiencies.  Our approach to risk planning achieves this goal by supporting the effectiveness of developing resiliency from both an operational and technical support role.

The AHM process consists of a series of meetings, interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and other analytic and consensus-building tools to develop  operational goals and objectives for short-term and long-terms plans.  As goals and objectives are identified and eventually compete for priority in the strategic plan, AHM will use collaboration and proven interactive decision support software to establish priorities in developing the program requirements. 

The AHM approach:

•    uses a logical, proven, knowledge based process of needs assessment

•    provides realistic, quantifiable risk assessment

•    results in improved investment value of enhancement expenditures

•    uses proactive planning to get the right solution the first time

•    saves time, money and resources

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