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IDEA has a highly experienced staff with expertise in all facets of emergency management and planning.
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One of IDEA’s many strengths is its arsenal of proprietary software tools.
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Integrated Decision Engineering Analysis, Inc. (IDEA) provides comprehensive strategic and tactical planning support to the public and private emergency management industries. IDEA can also provide strategic business planning for a broad spectrum of industries.

IDEA understands the interdependencies and complexities of security and emergency exercise planning, and applies its broad experience, skilled staff and proprietary software products to meet its clients’ security and emergency event planning requirements. IDEA cuts through the complexity of emergency management planning by providing structure through its processes and approach.

IDEA has established a reputation for technical excellence and superior results.





Effective security planning must address both the strengths and weaknesses of existing security systems and emergency response plans, and the environment in which they exist...
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is to deploy a smart network platform that will support full interoperability among existing systems.
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The risk management systems used by public agencies and private corporations to protect lives and assets from threats...
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The focus of strategic business planning is to ensure that an organization is prepared to meet the challenges of the future...
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